Organizations and institutions endorsing or adopting the author rights model language:

Association of Research Libraries: Endorsed by the Board of Directors (April 2010)

Boston Library Consortium (BLC): Board of Directors unanimously accepted the recommendation of the BLC Scholarly Communication Priority Committee to adopt the Author Rights Model Language represented in the NERL (North East Research Libraries Consortium) model contract. (see below, under “NorthEast Research Libraries (NERL)”) (September 2011)

California Digital Library (CDL): Added the language to their model license (February 2013)

LYRASIS : Consortium has added the language to their model license (January 2011)

NorthEast Research Libraries (NERL): Consortium added the language to their model license (Fall 2010)

Contact Ellen Duranceau (efinnie [at] mit [dot] edu or (617) 253-8483) for information about being listed as an adopter.

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