Related Efforts

Other organizations addressing language for author rights in licenses for content include:

JISC Collections Model NESLi2 Licence for Journals includes language that has been used in negotiating with certain publishers
Available at:
(pg. 6) ” save and/or deposit in perpetuity parts of the Licensed Material of which they are the authors on any network including networks open to the public and to communicate to the public such parts via any electronic network, including without limitation the Internet and the World Wide Web, and any other distribution medium now in existence or hereinafter created;”

Allianz-Grundsätze Endfassung (Germany).

From the Knowledge Exchange, a partner organization of Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (DEFF), the German Research Foundation (DFG), the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) in the United Kingdom, and the SURFfoundation in the Netherlands.

Guidelines for the Purchase of Licences within the of the Alliance Initiative “Digital Information”
Available at:
(pg. 7)

    23. Authors from authorised institutions are permitted free of charge to store their articles appearing in licensed journals generally in the form published by the publisher (e.g. PDF) with a maximal time embargo of one year in an (institutional or discipline-specific) repository of their choice and to make them available in Open Access. Authorised institutions to which the respective authors belong have the same right.

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